A better Video Scrubber

The internet’s series of tubes are getting fatter every day, but a lot of video sites still cause viewers grief with stuck frames, buffering and a general lack of feedback. Here I’m sketching out some tweaks to the std Video Scrubber, hoping to alleviate some of the cognitive friction generated while watching videos on the web.

Details of my obsessions with tiny media controls after the jump…
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The story about Fast Contact Add

This app’s reason-for-being is simple: I got tired of meeting somebody, jabbing away at my iPhone to save their phone number, then forgetting to click Save twice, losing their info. Fast Contact Add does all of that in a single screen, with a large impossible-to-ignore Save button.

You can save an e-mail with, or instead of the phone number. And after you hit Save, you can also tap on the Edit button to see their full editable contact card, which lets you add a picture, notes or anything else to their info.

Download Fast Contact Add for free and let me know what you think.