Wikipedia Corrector Tape

Why don’t more people edit articles in Wikipedia? If I had to take a a wild and embarrassingly unresearched guess, that Article Edit screen scares most casual site visitors, even if they’re experts on the subject matter.

Can visitors even find it? Wikipedia doesn’t really encourage casual users to edit (this is probably by design). But it seems shortsighted to neglect tapping into the genius of the non-geeky and less-than-totally motivated.

So here’s an idea…
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Making the Cloud tangible

With every little tiptoe taken up towards the Cloud, it seems like we’re losing our grip on our content. Using cheap physical tokens and NFC sensors on computers and devices, we can regain some of the tactility around the images and sounds we enjoy and shuffle around every day.

More hokey diagrams and not-so-subtle Apple worship after the jump…
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The story about Fast Contact Add

This app’s reason-for-being is simple: I got tired of meeting somebody, jabbing away at my iPhone to save their phone number, then forgetting to click Save twice, losing their info. Fast Contact Add does all of that in a single screen, with a large impossible-to-ignore Save button.

You can save an e-mail with, or instead of the phone number. And after you hit Save, you can also tap on the Edit button to see their full editable contact card, which lets you add a picture, notes or anything else to their info.

Download FastContactAdd for free and email me your thoughts.

The App Store’s version of ‘Hello World’ is the Tip Calculator

I built a tip calculator for the iPhone App Store, mostly as a learning exercise. But the thrill of having my first binary approved, and hitting 2,700 downloads in the first day made this whole thing about more than learning…

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