Getting something out of Microsoft’s failed KIN

One of the coolest projects I helped with during my time at Razorfish was a touchscreen marketing kiosk for the short-lived KIN phone. I know it’s not saying much, but a lot of people were more excited about the kiosk than about the phone itself.

Screens by our kick-ass visual design team (based on my wires).

More behind-the-scenes pics and a neat video, after the jump…
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Slaughterhouse floorplan

When your marketing initiative consists of a crazy amount of sites, campaigns and other properties, how do you visualize your audience’s journey through it?

I helped build a diagram that shows consumers moving through promotional and e-commerce websites to arrive at a desired outcome, and then I realized a horrifying similarity…

This is the Slaughterhouse Floorplan for Nike Soccer’s MySpace page which had the important task of funneling visitors to their YouTube page and the Nike Store

Yea, it was all about the 🤑’s…

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Wikipedia corrector tape

Why don’t more people edit articles in Wikipedia? If I had to take a a wild and embarrassingly unresearched guess, that Article Edit screen scares most casual site visitors, even if they’re experts on the subject matter.

Can visitors even find it? Wikipedia doesn’t really encourage casual users to edit (this is probably by design). But it seems shortsighted to neglect tapping into the genius of the non-geeky and less-than-totally motivated.

So here’s an idea…
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