Getting something out of Microsoft’s failed KIN

One of the coolest projects I helped with during my time at Razorfish was a touchscreen marketing kiosk for the short-lived KIN phone. I know it’s not saying much, but a lot of people were more excited about the kiosk than about the phone itself.

Screens by our kick-ass visual design team (based on my wires).

More behind-the-scenes pics and a neat video, after the jump…

The challenge with this design was to build something that required zero training and delivered engaging content in the 30-odd seconds that it would hold user’s attention.
Here’s a few of my wireframes:

And here’s more stunning comps by our visual design crew:



We ran out of development time to build the rotate-and-drag interactions shown in the wireframes above (which would have been a bit more organic) but the developers did a stellar job:

That’s me, playing around with the real app!
HTML5-friendly browser required to play this video, or try an MP4 download.

Lastly, here are the adoring throngs fawning over the kiosk, already inset in its housing, ready for the masses: